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Research on Adversarial Sample Detection Method Based on Image Similarity

Xiaoxue Wu,
Shuqi Zuo,
Shiyu Weng,
Yongkang Jiang,
Hao Huang,


With the widespread application of deep neural networks in image detection, adversarial sample attacks have gradually become a hot issue of concern for researchers. In this paper we propose a new adversarial sample detection approach called AdvDetector, which combines image generation through label fusion with image similarity detection. AdvDetector enhances sample quality and effectively identifies adversarial samples. Specifically, the method generates images by selecting seed pixels, the labels of deep neural network classification, and the pixel distribution learned from training data, and detects them using image similarity comparison methods. During the sample generation process, we introduce the AdvDetector method for adversarial sample detection to improve the quality of generated samples. We evaluated the effectiveness of the method on three publicly available image datasets, MNIST, Cifar-10, and GTSR, and the results show that the method is superior to existing baseline methods in terms of adversarial sample detection rate and sample generation quality.


Adversarial samples, Deep neural networks, Image generation, Similarity detection, Label fusion

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Xiaoxue Wu, Shuqi Zuo, Shiyu Weng, Yongkang Jiang, Hao Huang, "Research on Adversarial Sample Detection Method Based on Image Similarity," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 25, no. 1 , pp. 147-155, Jan. 2024.

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