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Admission Control Policy for Virtual Partitioning with Non-Real-Time Service Pause

Jian-Hong Wang,
Jen-Yi Pan,


For this study, virtual partitioning (VP) of a non-real- time (NRT) service paused for connection admission control (CAC) in a cellular network is applied and evaluated. The mobility scenario of the occurring handoff is described for a cellular network, and the corresponding handoff rate equations are derived. This study proposes the CAC algorithms for connection requests that consider the real-time (RT) service, NRT service, and both new and handoff users. A suitable VP with NRT service pause rules have been defined for RT and NRT connections. The priorities of a CAC for each type of handoff user differ. The unused capacity in an under-loaded RT group can be utilized through NRT connections if necessary. RT connections receive guaranteed access and a better QoS. An RT connection can pause an NRT connection when the NRT group is overloaded. The results of this study demonstrate the performance of a cellular system in terms of the probability of blocking new connection requests and dropping handoff connection requests. The numerical results show a significant performance improvement when the NRT service is paused.


Connection admission control (CAC); Virtual partitioning (VP) with non-real-time (NRT) service pause; Real-time (RT) service; Blocking and dropping probabilities; Quality of service (QoS)

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Jian-Hong Wang, Jen-Yi Pan, "Admission Control Policy for Virtual Partitioning with Non-Real-Time Service Pause," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 17, no. 5 , pp. 849-862, Sep. 2016.

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