Big Data Service Architecture: A Survey

Jin Wang,
Yaqiong Yang,
Tian Wang,
R. Simon Sherratt,
Jingyu Zhang,


As one of the main development directions in the information field, big data technology can be applied for data mining, data analysis and data sharing in the massive data, and it created huge economic benefits by using the potential value of data. Meanwhile, it can provide decision-making strategies for social and economic development. Big data service architecture is a new service economic model that takes data as a resource, and it loads and extracts the data collected from different data sources. This service architecture provides various customized data processing methods, data analysis and visualization services for service consumers. This paper first briefly introduces the general big data service architecture and the technical processing framework, which covered data collection and storage. Next, we discuss big data processing and analysis according to different service requirements, which can present valuable data for service consumers. Then, we introduce the detailed cloud computing service system based on big data, which provides high performance solutions for large-scale data storage, processing and analysis. Finally, we summarize some big data application scenarios over various fields.

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Jin Wang, Yaqiong Yang, Tian Wang, R. Simon Sherratt, Jingyu Zhang, "Big Data Service Architecture: A Survey," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 21, no. 2 , pp. 393-405, Mar. 2020.

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