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Preserving Privacy and Traceability in Car-sharing Blockchain Based on Attribute Cryptosystem

Tzu-Hao Chen,
Chit-Jie Chew,
Jung-San Lee,


A car-sharing system has been considered the most promising solution for mitigating the waste of natural resources, traffic congestion, and greenhouse gas emission in the city. However, conventional car-sharing method relies on a trusted third party, which is facing the challenge of maximizing the benefits of C2C model and privacy disclosure risk. This work aims to design a brand-new car-sharing version based on blockchain network and attribute-based cryptosystem. The demander and supplier can use the smart contract to share the vehicle without the help of a centralized node; thus, avoiding the collusion manipulation to reach the optimal profit. In particular, even if the vehicle has been damaged, the supplier can trace the responsibility by accessing the order information stored in the blockchain. Security analysis has demonstrated the confirmation of robustness and privacy essentials, while experimental outcomes have shown the satisfactory feasibility of the new method.


Attribute-based cryptosystem, Blockchain, Car-sharing, Sharing economy, Vehicular ad-hoc networks

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Tzu-Hao Chen, Chit-Jie Chew, Jung-San Lee, "Preserving Privacy and Traceability in Car-sharing Blockchain Based on Attribute Cryptosystem," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 25, no. 2 , pp. 175-184, Mar. 2024.

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