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Examination of the Use of VR Combined with Internet Technology to Enhance the Experience of Sound Art in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Xizhi Zhang,
Huan Ding,
YuXi Xie,


Due to the rapid development of interactive technology, sound interaction, as one of the core forms of interactive art, plays an important role in sound art. Its interactivity is one of the main factors affecting audiences’ perception. As far as the interaction of sound art is concerned, it can neither be extended as sound art nor give full play to its function, which is the key difficulty in the current development. Therefore, only by making full use of the existing advantages of virtual reality and the innovation of digital processing technology that the value of art therapy can be better reflected. However, in sound art therapy, the most critical thing is to establish the correct understanding of it and followed by the selection of the most appropriate treatment method to achieve the best outcomes. On this basis, this study reviews the progress and trend of virtual reality and related technologies. The results show that virtual reality can be used as an effective means to assist sound art therapy. Also, this paper explores how to use existing Internet technology to enhance the experience of virtual reality combined with sound art to improve the feasibility and effectiveness of treating anxiety disorders. After a systematic discussion through MFSC extraction algorithm, the results indicated that the extraction rate of MFSC changed several times and the index decreased significantly before and after the LF/HF experiment, which proved that this approach is more effective than the traditional one. In addition, VR can combine existing Internet technologies, such as high-speed Internet, cloud computing, Internet of Things technology, artificial intelligence, real-time performance, etc. Through these combined methods, the practice of the use of sound art in treating anxiety disorders will be enhanced by the interaction of virtual reality and high-speed Internet technology, which will deepen patients’ experience and improve the treatment effect.


Sound art therapy, Virtual reality technology, Anxiety disorder, Internet technology

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Xizhi Zhang, Huan Ding, YuXi Xie, "Examination of the Use of VR Combined with Internet Technology to Enhance the Experience of Sound Art in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 25, no. 1 , pp. 15-25, Jan. 2024.

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