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Quality Evaluation for Online Distance Education Based on Grey Relational Degree

Tao Du,
Weina Fu,


Aiming to address the problems of low accuracy and long time consuming of existing education quality evaluation models, a new online distance education quality evaluation model based on grey correlation algorithm is proposed. Firstly, calculate the membership of education quality data, and complete the data collection through cluster mining. Secondly, construct the evaluation index system according to the set evaluation principles. Finally, the grey correlation degree algorithm is used to mine the correlation degree relationship of education quality index data and complete the construction of the evaluation model. The comparison test results show that the evaluation accuracy of the built model is 0.98, the response time is only 0.7s, the CPU proportion is only 27%, and the satisfaction rate is more than 0.97. Therefore, the model has higher application value.


Grey correlation degree algorithm, Evaluation index system, Fuzzy c-means algorithm, Online distance education, Educational quality evaluation

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Tao Du, Weina Fu, "Quality Evaluation for Online Distance Education Based on Grey Relational Degree," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 24, no. 5 , pp. 1141-1148, Sep. 2023.

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