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Reliability Analysis of Cold-standby Systems with Subsystems Using Conditional Binary Decision Diagrams

Siwei Zhou,
Yinghuai Yu,
Xiaohong Peng,


Cold-standby systems have been widely used for conditions with limited power, which achieve fault tolerance and high-reliability systems. The cold spare (CSP) gate is a common dynamic gate in the dynamic fault tree (DFT). DFT with CSP gates is typically used to model a cold-standby system for reliability analysis. In general, inputs of the CSP gate are considered to be basic events. However, with the requirement of the current system design, the inputs of the CSP gate may be either basic events or top events of subtrees. Hence, the sequence-dependency among basic events in CSP gates becomes much more complex. However, the early conditional binary decision diagram (CBDD) used for the reliability analysis of spare gates does not consider it well. To address this problem, the conditioning event rep is improved to describe the replacement behavior in CSP gates with subtrees inputs, and the related formulae are derived. Further, a combinatorial method based on the CBDD is demonstrated to evaluate the reliability of cold-standby systems modeled by CSP gates with subtrees inputs. The case study is presented to show the advantage of using our method.


Dynamic fault tree, Conditional binary decision diagram, Conditioning event, Reliability, Dependable computing

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Siwei Zhou, Yinghuai Yu, Xiaohong Peng, "Reliability Analysis of Cold-standby Systems with Subsystems Using Conditional Binary Decision Diagrams," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 24, no. 4 , pp. 931-943, Jul. 2023.

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