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Prediction of Yarn Quality Based on Actual Production

Bao-Wei Zhang,
Lin Xu,
Yong-Hua Wang,


In recent decades, the neural network approach to predicting yarn quality indicators has been recognized for its high accuracy. Although using neural networks to predict yarn quality indicators has a high accuracy advantage, its relationship understanding between each input parameter and yarn quality indicators may need to be corrected, i.e., increasing the raw cotton strength, the final yarn strength remains the same or decreases. Although this is normal for prediction algorithms, actual production need is more of a trend for individual parameter changes to predict a correct yarn, i.e., raw cotton strength increase should correspond to yarn strength increase. This study proposes a yarn quality prediction method based on actual production by combining nearest neighbor, particle swarm optimization, and expert experience to address the problem. We Use expert experience to determine the upper and lower limits of parameter weights, the particle swarm optimization finds the optimal weights, and then the nearest neighbor algorithm is used to calculate the predicted values of yarn indexes. Finally, the current problems and the rationality of the method proposed in this paper are verified by experiments.


Accuracy, Actual production, Nearest neighbor, Expert experience, Yarn quality prediction

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Bao-Wei Zhang, Lin Xu, Yong-Hua Wang, "Prediction of Yarn Quality Based on Actual Production," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 24, no. 4 , pp. 871-880, Jul. 2023.

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