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A World Café Approach for Maker Education Context into the Internet of Things Course

Po-Sheng Chiu,


In recent years, Makerspaces research is growing by maker movement, Makerspace provides a learning environment to help students learning maker education. Especially, the World Cafe focuses on sharing and exploring ideas, and participants are able to express their views. However, no previous research using meaningful learning to investigated The World Café method in Makerspace learning environment to understand the educational potential of this study. This study aims to investigate gender difference and The World Café method impact students’ learning achievement and meaningful learning in maker education. This study used one-group pretest-posttest nonequivalent-groups design method, and consisted of 53 college students that take the course and then complete the questionnaire before and after The World Café method. The results showed that improved students’ learning achievement and meaningful learning in The World Café method, and male have positive learning achievement, but meaningful learning questionnaire showed that the gender difference didn’t reach significance in The World Café method. This study revealed that The World Café method might be appropriate for the needs of learning by doing subjects and future research could continue to explore more STEM/maker education.


Makerspace, Maker education, The World Café, Meaningful learning, Internet of Things

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Po-Sheng Chiu, "A World Café Approach for Maker Education Context into the Internet of Things Course," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 23, no. 5 , pp. 919-925, Sep. 2022.

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