Service Process Improvement Based on Business Process Management

Jia-Xing Wang,
Si-Bin Gao,
Cong-Er Yuan,
Da-Peng Tan,
Jing Fan,


The service vendors desire to improve their service processes to retain consumers and increase profits. Most existing methods require a mass of domain knowledge to improve their service processes, which are time-consuming and error-prone. This paper proposes a method named Diff-BPI to automatically improve a service process, reducing execution cost while guaranteeing consumers’ waiting/process time. Given the existing two versions of a service process, Diff-BPI first detects their differences and all possible candidate improved service processes are constructed by connecting their same parts and combinations of different parts. After that, Diff-BPI calculates three metrics for each candidate: “quality of improvement (QoI)”, “longest execution time (LET)” and “stability of time (SoT)”, and filters the candidates with LETs higher than the given time limit and QoIs/SoTs less than the given one. Finally, Diff-BPI picks the best candidate with the lowest cost less than the costs of two existing versions. A case study shows that Diff-BPI can construct an improved service process with a lower cost than the existing two versions. The efficiency evaluation reveals that Diff-BPI can save more than 20% of the running time for improving a service process using the filter strategy when the number of differences between the two versions is more than 3.

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Jia-Xing Wang, Si-Bin Gao, Cong-Er Yuan, Da-Peng Tan, Jing Fan, "Service Process Improvement Based on Business Process Management," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 22, no. 5 , pp. 1119-1130, Sep. 2021.

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