Guest Editorial: Special Issue on “Journal of Internet Technology for TANET 2017”

Chao-Tung Yang,


The theme of the TANET 2017 conference focuses on “Artificial intelligence, Big data and Collaboration (ABC) in Next Generation Networks”. In addition, this year also includes topics in recent technological advancements, including cloud technology, TANet 100G optical network applications and services, information security, personal data protection, school administration systems and smart campus innovation, digital gaps, digital care and digital opportunities, K12 Information Education and Teaching, FinTech, Internet of Things. We look forward to inviting the interaction of experts and scholars in the industry, government, academia, information service staff of Taiwan area network, and network practitioners to discuss the development of a smart, innovative and secure Information environment.
With the evolution of technology trends, the collaborative application of artificial intelligence, and big data in the new century and cloud computing applications are indicators of future competitiveness. New technologies bring new thinking, and IT managers must also keep up with the trend of technology. Not only does it have sufficient bandwidth to meet the high-speed transmission needs of cloud computing and vast amounts of data, but it also refers to emerging technologies that face different challenges in the real-time setting. Moreover, such
multidisciplinary work should help shape and help people to adopt the technology in the right direction without any difficulties.
Topics of this special issue include new mobile internet and network security vulnerabilities and risks, security issues, and protocols for mobile internet and networks, confidentiality and trust for mobile internet and networks, security for cross-layer transfers, security for vertical transfers in heterogeneous networks, security for 4G and 5G networks, security for IoT and wearable devices.
Five articles of particular interest have been selected for this special issue, as they present the most interesting research on the subject of this specific issue.

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Chao-Tung Yang, "Guest Editorial: Special Issue on “Journal of Internet Technology for TANET 2017”," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 22, no. 2 , pp. 455-456, Mar. 2021.

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