Teaching and Experimental Schema of Data Mining Technology Combined with the Cloud Computing

Hong Shi,
Hongxia Deng,


The technology of data mining is abstract and difficult to understand, a teaching and experimental schema of data mining technology is designed to resolve that problem, and the proposed schema includes data classification, data clustering, data dimensionality reduction and association rules. Datasets of different types are used as the experimental datasets including sensors datasets, Internet datasets and social media datasets, at the same time, cloud computing technology is adopted to improve the efficiency of computation and storage, so that the efficiency of lessons and experiments is improved too. Graphic interface is designed to generate the graph and table results of data classification, data clustering, data dimensionality and association rules, and it make the data mining technology easy to understand. Lastly, experimental results of data mining show that the proposed schema generates accuracy plot graphs of data mining technologies, and make the data mining workflow visual.

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Hong Shi, Hongxia Deng, "Teaching and Experimental Schema of Data Mining Technology Combined with the Cloud Computing," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 22, no. 1 , pp. 157-163, Jan. 2021.

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