3dDABA: An Algorithm Covering a Three-dimensional WSN Area

Li Tan,
Jiaqi Shi,
Xiaojiang Tang,
Xiaofeng Lian,
Haoyu Wang,


Due to the complexity of the three-dimensional deployment environment, it is difficult for a single node to complete a full coverage task for the target, while the deployment time of a large number of nodes is long and the algorithm complexity is high. In this paper, a Three-dimension wireless sensor network Deployment Algorithms based on Basic Architecture (3dDABA) is proposed to monitor the target region by constructing basic architecture in different regions. First, two types of basic architecture are identified, then a method of constructing basic architecture is proposed, and the coverage deployment strategy of the 3D sensor network is designed based on basic architecture. Experimental results show that the 3dDABA algorithm can reduce the deployment time by two-thirds compared with the Voronoi graph method, reduce the complexity of the algorithm and reduce the deployment time of the whole network.

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Li Tan, Jiaqi Shi, Xiaojiang Tang, Xiaofeng Lian, Haoyu Wang, "3dDABA: An Algorithm Covering a Three-dimensional WSN Area," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 21, no. 7 , pp. 1949-1956, Dec. 2020.

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