An ECC Based Remote User Authentication Protocol

Akasha Shafiq,
Izwa Altaf,
Khalid Mahmood,
Saru Kumari,
Chien-Ming Chen,


IoT has remarkably broaden the universal network of information barter, because millions of the communication devices have become the ingredients of global network. Apart from the abundant advantages of the expansion of global network, secure authentication and communication between global networking elements are posing numerous challenges. To expedite user authenticity with the help of elliptic curve cryptography a new efficient scheme is introduced in contrast to the previous schemes. Security analysis of proposed scheme is affirmed through random oracle model. Moreover, performance and security analysis show that the proposed scheme prevents the major attack and provides additional security features. The performance analysis is carried out by implementing the proposed protocol using python language in ubuntu. Thus, because of the better security and performance, proposed protocol is adequate for the resource constrained and security sensitive environments.

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Akasha Shafiq, Izwa Altaf, Khalid Mahmood, Saru Kumari, Chien-Ming Chen, "An ECC Based Remote User Authentication Protocol," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 21, no. 1 , pp. 285-294, Jan. 2020.

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