ES-DAS: An Enhanced and Secure Dynamic Auditing Scheme for Data Storage in Cloud Environment

Esther Daniel,
N. A. Vasanthi,


Outsourcing sensitive data on cloud storage is a service in demand. Cloud Storage lessens the burden on the user by discarding the need to possess costly infrastructure setup and its need for continuous maintenance. However, security, privacy, and integrity of the data remain critical due to the absence of control and physical proprietorship over the delicate data by the proprietors. Therefore, it is significant to develop an enhanced data auditing scheme to guarantee data owners that their data is safe and secure in the remotely hosted cloud storage providers. In this paper, an enhanced dynamic auditing scheme for providing integrity assurance of outsourced data is presented. The proposed scheme is based on Elgamal signature on a conic curve and homomorphic function. This scheme incorporates trusted third party auditor for detecting accidental or intentional data modifications to provide integrity assurance to the data owners. With the adoption of ElGamal signatures and homomorphic function, this scheme achieves benefits like privacy preservation, reduced computation, communication and storage cost. The performance of the proposed ES-DAS scheme is evaluated by detailed experimental analysis in comparison with other existing techniques. The results prove to be efficient and secure in terms of computation, communication and storage costs on the system entities.

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Esther Daniel, N. A. Vasanthi, "ES-DAS: An Enhanced and Secure Dynamic Auditing Scheme for Data Storage in Cloud Environment," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 21, no. 1 , pp. 173-182, Jan. 2020.

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