YANG-based Data Modeling Techniques for the Content Layer of NETCONF to Improve Query Throughput

YangMin Lee,
JaeKee Lee,


NETCONF was originally proposed as a protocol for updating and managing configuration data on complex heterogeneous network equipment that forms part of a larger current network. There is particularly the problem of processing efficiency in the Operation and Content layers. Currently, NETCONF uses YANG to generate an XML document as a data model. The unique operations of NETCONF are used to change the configuration of the equipment. However, when there are multiple managers, the standard NETCONF exhibits relatively low data modeling flexibility, and this decreases the query processing throughput. In this paper, we propose the use of a YANG XML document that describes a data block generation method based on the dependencies of equipment configuration data. The proposed technique can be used to generate a logical structure of the equipment configuration data, which may be stored and grouped as a set of independent equipment data in the physical memory. Hence, when multiple network administrators modify different data blocks, the processes can be performed concurrently. We performed experiment for various factors and confirmed that our improve NETCONF is outperform for existing method or protocol.

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YangMin Lee, JaeKee Lee, "YANG-based Data Modeling Techniques for the Content Layer of NETCONF to Improve Query Throughput," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 19, no. 7 , pp. 1993-2007, Dec. 2018.

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