Design Thinking for Service Innovation Used Service Experience Engineering Methodology

Chiao-Shan Chen,
Hsi-Peng Lu,
Ren-Chuen Tzou,


The process of innovative decision making in the past largely followed the three steps that Simon proposed in the 1960s had suggested. The purpose of this study used Service Experience Engineering Methodology (SEE) as an example to explore whether or not alternative decision making processes may exist in the open innovation (OI). The value activity in service innovation design (SID) is divided into three categories which are value chain, value shop, and value network. Using a qualitative research approach, we used the SEE Methodology as the SID. This method involves 5 stages, 15 individuals and closely connected sub-models. This method is a process for service innovation design based on design think principles exploring the SID decision process for six illustrations. The value of this research proffered a different, innovative SID process for various industries to consider when they contemplate service innovation on the basis of the SEE Methodology. The decision process in the OI context should be re-thinking.research offers a new conceptual in the different SID process decision making by OI and Simon.

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Chiao-Shan Chen, Hsi-Peng Lu, Ren-Chuen Tzou, "Design Thinking for Service Innovation Used Service Experience Engineering Methodology," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 19, no. 7 , pp. 1973-1982, Dec. 2018.

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