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張雅惠(Ya-Hui Chang),
詹本旭(Ben-Hsu Chen),
吳俊頡(Chun-Chien Wu),


由於全球資訊網的快速發展,利用網站在網際網路間傳遞資料已是最新的趨勢,而由W3C所訂定的XML,提供了一個描述網站文件結構的標準規範,更便利了在網路上進行資料交換與分享,相信日後將有很多網織以XML為基礎建立的圖書查詢管理系統,以討論利用XML實做資訊系統的相關議題。除了系統架構與所提供的功能,我們也呈現使用XML格式表示的資料,並特別說明本系統特殊設計的B+-Tree索引結構,如何協助管理眾多XML文件使查詢處理更有效率。The world-wide-web (WWW) has become a very important way for representing information, because it provides a convenient and easy way for accessing data in a wide-area network-based environment. To facilitate the interchange of electronic data between multiple data sources on the Web, the Extensible Markup Language, abbreviated XML, has been proposed by W3C recently and attracted a lot of attention. We expect that many organizations will export data in XML in the near future. This paper describes the design of a library management system based on XML standard, to discuss the related issues for implementing such system. In addition to the architecture and the function description, the focus of this paper is to discuss how to represent data in XML. A special B+-Tree index structure, is also designed to assist efficient query processing for XML documents.


全球資訊網; XML技術; 查詢處理; world-wide-web; XML techniques; query processing

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張雅惠(Ya-Hui Chang), 詹本旭(Ben-Hsu Chen), 吳俊頡(Chun-Chien Wu), "基於XML研製之圖書查詢管理系統," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 2, no. 4 , pp. 359-366, Oct. 2001.

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