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Efficient PCS Information Retrieval and Visualization Using SimPCS

Chyi-Ren Dow,
Jong-Shin Chen,


Personal Communication Service (PCS) information retrieval and visualization facilitates various requirements for radio capacity planning, performance modeling, and PCS learning. This work presents SimPCS, an efficient PCS information retrieval and visualization system. SimPCS provides the essential abstractions to meet various performance criteria and facilitates visual display of PCS performance data. These information-processing techniques include information extension, extraction, distribution, and fusion. A parallel simulator is also included in SimPCS. The simulator, associated with the abstractions, provides a special skill to handle performance problems. SimPCS has several merits, scalability, transparency, portability, efficiency, and flexibility. The scalable application server enables users to simulate large-scale PCS systems up to thousands of cells. The visualization system is transparent so Internet users do not need to worry about what kind of platform is provided by the server system. The caching mechanism makes information retrieval more efficient. Moreover, SimPCS classifies target users into three groups and provides four retrieval methods to interact with Internet users. SimPCS has been successfully used as a courseware for a graduate level course.


Information retrieval; visualization; PCS; parallel simulator; cache

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Chyi-Ren Dow, Jong-Shin Chen, "Efficient PCS Information Retrieval and Visualization Using SimPCS," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 2, no. 4 , pp. 275-284, Oct. 2001.

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