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Representation of Large Numerical Information Arrays via Multimedia Objects

Alexander Vazhenin,
Nikolay Mirenkov,
Dmitry Vazhenin,


Easy-to-access data/knowledge techniques supported by the Internet allow us to try a great variety of new applications. However, this trend should be balanced by easy-to-understand data/knowledge techniques. In this paper such techniques for a multimedia representation of matrix computations based on ”filmification” of application methods and data are considered. The multimedia representation is related to special-purpose pictures and animations rendering intermediate/final results of computation and schemes of corresponding computational methods. To support rendering data, a multimedia interface and matrix filtration and matrix scaling techniques are used. To support rendering computational schemes, a film technology is used. Within the framework of this technology, self-explained series of stills presenting computational schemes, an interface supporting formula attachment to still structures, a subsystem for automatic program generation as well as WEB-based environment are discussed.


Filmifcation of Methods and Data; Large Information Arrays; WWW-oriented Workplace for Applied Programming

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Alexander Vazhenin, Nikolay Mirenkov, Dmitry Vazhenin, "Representation of Large Numerical Information Arrays via Multimedia Objects," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 2, no. 4 , pp. 263-274, Oct. 2001.

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