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A Survey of Distance Learning Systems, Strategies, and Web Sites

張家宜(Flora Chia-I Chang),


Distance learning Web site, portals, and software systems are widely available on the Internet. This survey paper discusses some of the important items. A list of references for interested readers to build distance learning systems is provided, as well as some suggestions as useful hints. The discussion starts from illustrating the big picture of learning technology, from the historical perspective. State-of-the-art technologies follow, with a focus on current distance learning approaches. The paper also addresses some important issues, which cannot be solved by automatic systems, but are considered very important toward the success of distance education.


distance learning; virtual university; distance education; Web-based distance learning; virtual classroom; communication tools

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張家宜(Flora Chia-I Chang), "A Survey of Distance Learning Systems, Strategies, and Web Sites," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 2, no. 4 , pp. 235-242, Oct. 2001.

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