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Study on Analysis Methodology for Android Applications

Seung-Hwan Ju,
Hee-Suk Seo,
Jin Kwak,


The advance in technology brought us mobile phones with almost the same power and features as our personal computers. Something that criminal minds will find a way to exploit for their gain as the history has shown. The main contents of the information paradigm are the ”open” and ”standard.” Full security incidents account for more than 80 percent of the internal information security incidents (abuse of information resources and information leakage, etc.), damages the value of information assets has increased rapidly. Mobile malware is rapidly becoming a serious threat. In this paper, I survey the current state of mobile malware. As I classified according to behavioral characteristics and propagation and understood the history mobile evolution. Also, I present Android Application analysis methodology for the more securing smart-work environment.


Application analysis; Dynamic analysis; Android system; Mobile security

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Seung-Hwan Ju, Hee-Suk Seo, Jin Kwak, "Study on Analysis Methodology for Android Applications," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 14, no. 5 , pp. 851-857, Sep. 2013.

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