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Matsearch: A Search Engine in Materials Science Distributed Data-Intensive Environment

Yang Li,
Chang-Jun Hu,
Ji-Lin Zhang,


Applying information retrieval techniques to the distributed materials science domain environment is a unique challenge, mostly because of numerous, loosely coupled jobs that access and generate large data sets, and also its complex and the richness of the different types of information it provides. Effective searching tool in such environments is challenging due to the geographically distributed resources for such large-scale data-intensive problems. We present a specific searching engine for the materials science data. This paper introduces CFAnalyzer, a segmentation analyzer, which pays special attentions to molecular formula and such complex data by making it easy to use and effective. This materials data segmentation is based on molecular formula and synonym filter. A chemical element dictionary is constructed for segmenting Chinese materials name and molecular formulas. And then synonym filter is built by adding synonyms for searching relevant documents. In our experiments, we compared our search engine from segmentation, speed, space and searching results. The initial evaluations show promising results in searching materials science data.


Search engine; Materials science data; Segmentation; Lucene

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Yang Li, Chang-Jun Hu, Ji-Lin Zhang, "Matsearch: A Search Engine in Materials Science Distributed Data-Intensive Environment," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 14, no. 5 , pp. 799-806, Sep. 2013.

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