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Using SLA Strategy to Design an SOC Platform in Data Center on the Cloud Computing

Shin-Jer Yang,


Cloud computing is next generation of Internet technology and data centers. As such, Information security (IS) has become one of the most essential issues of data center security on the cloud computing, but we cannot rely solely on single solution to support all of the necessary features of IS. Therefore, we need to a new information security service model, called Security Operation Center (SOC). It can support online interactions and remote monitoring via network operations in data centers. The SOC is required to integrate related IS technologies based on security policies. In this paper, we propose the service level agreement (SLA) strategy for designing the SOC platform to meet the IS requirements of any organization in cloud computing. Therefore, the main purposes of this paper are to propose the framework of SLA strategy and the integration technology for designing an SOC platform. The SOC platform with SLA is to handle and supervise all the security service processes under different levels of cloud security enforcements according to data center scales, business properties, and existing IS functions. Consequently, the SLA strategy and integrating technology of IS can be the reference model for designing a proposed SOC platform in data centers on the cloud computing.


SOC; IS; SLA; Data centers; Cloud computing

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Shin-Jer Yang, "Using SLA Strategy to Design an SOC Platform in Data Center on the Cloud Computing," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 14, no. 5 , pp. 751-758, Sep. 2013.

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