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Anomaly Detection Model of Time Segment Power Usage Behavior Using Unsupervised Learning

Wen-Jen Ho,
Hsin-Yuan Hsieh,
Chia-Wei Tsai,


In Taiwan, the current electricity prices for residential users remain relatively low. This results in a diminished incentive for these users to invest in energy-saving improvements. Consequently, devising strategies to encourage residential users to adopt energy-saving measures becomes a vital research area. Grounded in behavioral science, this study introduces a feasible approach where an energy management system provides alerts and corresponding energy-saving recommendations to residential users upon detecting abnormal electricity consumption behavior. To pinpoint anomalous electricity usage within specific time segments, this research employs an unsupervised machine learning method, developing an anomaly detection model for the overall electricity consumption behavior of residential users. The model focuses on analyzing 2-hour intervals of electricity consumption, enabling more effective detection of abnormal usage patterns. It is trained using power consumption data collected from five actual residential users as part of an experimental study. The results indicate that the proposed anomaly detection model achieves performance metrics such as Precision, Recall, and F1-score of 0.90 or above, showcasing its potential for practical implementation.


Energy saving, Electricity consumption behavior, Anomaly detection, Unsupervised learning

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Wen-Jen Ho, Hsin-Yuan Hsieh, Chia-Wei Tsai, "Anomaly Detection Model of Time Segment Power Usage Behavior Using Unsupervised Learning," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 25, no. 3 , pp. 455-463, May. 2024.

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