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Blockchain-based Pipeline Custody System (BPCS) for Preserving Critical Video Evidence

Yun-Yi Fan,
Chit-Jie Chew,
Wei-Che Hung,
Ying-Chin Chen,
Jung-San Lee,


The explosive development of network technology has driven the evolution of civilization, leading to the higher crime rate. Hence, CCTV cameras have been widely deployed to monitor criminal behaviors. The video of CCTV is considered as significant digital evidence. Due to the property of digital data, it is easily to copy and modify without electronic footprint, unlike the physical records. In case, the law enforcement starts to employ the blockchain technique due to its advantages, decentralization, transparency, and traceability, which can improve the legal effect. Unfortunately, blockchain network produces the tremendous overhead when it processes the data preservation based on the distributed communication. Thus, the gap and burden of data synchronization are the derivative issues. In order to solve the above problems, we aim to realize a blockchain-based pipeline custody system, so-called BPCS. The critical frame determination (CFD) technique is designed to catch the potential evidence image from the monitor, which is able to mitigate the storage cost of blockchain. Especially, the pipeline and directional ring strategy is proposed to aggregate the potential evidence in a batch file. This can reduce the burden on the chain of custody and shorten the time gap. The experimental results have demonstrated that BPCS can firmly possess the features of credibility and efficient through the comparisons and storage simulation.


Surveillance camera, Custody, Blockchain, Pipeline, Directional ring strategy

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Yun-Yi Fan, Chit-Jie Chew, Wei-Che Hung, Ying-Chin Chen, Jung-San Lee, "Blockchain-based Pipeline Custody System (BPCS) for Preserving Critical Video Evidence," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 25, no. 3 , pp. 447-454, May. 2024.

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