Guest Editorial: Recent Advances in Communication Technology and Its Applications

Xiang Li,
Tarik Ahmed Rashid,
K. Raveendra,


In the past decade, the fast development of information technology and engineering not only impacts people’s way of life deeply, but also brings in novel and powerful tools for various fields of science and technology, which enables the researchers and developers to better extract, process, and interpret information from the object of their study.
This special issue presents five selected papers from CECNet2022, which was successfully held online during Nov. 4-7, 2022. For each selected paper, a brief introduction is given below.
First Paper: “Yarn Unevenness Prediction using Generalized Regression Neural Network” by Bao-Wei Zhang, Lin Xu, and Yong-Hua Wang.
Second paper: “A computational method for identification of functional SNPs in human noncoding genome regions based on multi-feature mining” by Rong Li and Zhi-e Lou.
Third paper: “A novel Brownian motion-based hybrid whale optimization algorithm” by Liyi Zhang, Xiaolin Wang, Ting Liu, Yong Zhang, and Yongsheng Hu.
Fourth paper: “Factors analysis of consumers’ purchasing intention under the background of live e-commerce shopping” by Bo Zhang, Jun Li, Yutao Feng, and Danni Liu.
Fifth paper: “A new device for two-way time-frequency real-time synchronization” by Ke Zhang, Decai Zou, Pei Wang, and Wenfang Jing.



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Xiang Li, Tarik Ahmed Rashid, K. Raveendra, "Guest Editorial: Recent Advances in Communication Technology and Its Applications," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 24, no. 3 , pp. 773-774, May. 2023.

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