Framework of Interaction Design Method Based on Blockchain System

Chao Ma,
Faren Huo,
Aiqin Shi,


As the fifth subversive and innovative technology for computing paradigm after the mainframe computer, personal computer, internet and mobile/social network, blockchain technology has entered into a new phase of development. Nevertheless, more intrinsic issues remain to be explored. With the usage of cryptography and a distributed database, once a block is recorded, it can no longer be changed. To defeat these issues, more existing techniques have emerged. The blockchain system mainly features decentralization, but as the existing architectures of the blockchain system are mixed up, it is hard to determine whether they are centralized or decentralized. Such hybrid feature is derived from the impact of uncertainty of human demands. In this study, we intend to explore the scientific perception of the blockchain technology after its integration with human activities by adopting the method of interaction design. Furthermore, we plan to establish a set of mechanisms on the method of blockchain system-based interaction design, so as to identify the impact of human uncertainty factors on the design of the blockchain system. In addition, we aim to provide theoretical guidance for establishing the decentralized blockchain systems in both standardized and mixed categories and the centralized blockchain system with decentralization as central node. Through the methods of the observational results, the article is summarized and assessed the methods of the interaction design based on blockchain system. Moreover, the evaluation process consists of the analysis of expert evaluation, practical evaluation and participatory evaluation ferments an efficient outcome.


Block chain, Mobile network, Social network, Internet

Citation Format:
Chao Ma, Faren Huo, Aiqin Shi, "Framework of Interaction Design Method Based on Blockchain System," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 24, no. 3 , pp. 759-771, May. 2023.

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