[RETRACTED] Research on Industrial IoT Security Based on Deep Learning

Xian Guo,
Keyu Chen,
An Yang,
Zhanhui Gang,


With the rapid development of "Internet +" and the construction of a new generation of information infrastructure, the intrusion behaviors against the Industrial Internet of Things are increasingly common. How to ensure the security of the industrial Internet of Things is one of the current research hotspots. The modern technology trend has the hottest technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT). The application of IoT on the other hand improves work efficiency and brings convenience to people's life; on the other hand, it makes the network face increasingly serious security threat problems and attacks the network by unscrupulous elements occur from time to time. Machine learning-based intrusion detection techniques involve a large number of mathematical formula operations, while with the development of neural networks, the excellent autonomous feature learning capability of deep learning is recognized. An intrusion detection system plays an important role in preventing security threats and protecting them from attacks. The current research on industrial IoT security technology focuses on authentication technology, encryption technology, access control technology, and intrusion detection technology. In this paper, we analyze deep learning and industrial IoT intrusion detection and use the powerful data processing capability and feature learning capability of deep learning to conduct an in-depth study on industrial IoT intrusion detection methods based on deep learning. This paper achieves a 96.32% detection rate on industrial control dataset, which can better adapt to the needs of industrial IoT intrusion detection.

RETRACTED: This article has been retracted at the request of the Editor as it contains major errors with figures. The JIT takes a very strong view on this matter and apologies are offered to readers of the journal that this was not detected during the submission process.


Industrial internet of things, Intrusion detection, Deep learning, Inception-CNN, Detection methods

Citation Format:
Xian Guo, Keyu Chen, An Yang, Zhanhui Gang, "[RETRACTED] Research on Industrial IoT Security Based on Deep Learning," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 24, no. 3 , pp. 727-744, May. 2023.


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