Analysis on Risk Awareness Model and Economic Growth of Finance Industry

Renyang Wang,
Badamasi Sani Mohammed,
R. Parthasarathy,


The economy was slump mainly due to the credit market disruptions and losses generated by systemic credit institutions. The trust in the banking system to satisfy payment commitments collapsed, and financial, economic, and political risks were increased, and during that era, their significant volatility. Such dangers have skewed economic development and laid the foundations for creating an economy of dread. The financial risks occur due to investments made to firms that fail to meet their financial responsibilities. The trouble is due to the probability of financial expense. Therefore, a culture of risk consciousness must be created to increase risk sensitivity in a company. Risk awareness and agility in responding to incidents are essential, and then reaction times might be impeded, mainly when an organization has grown too fast. Creating that culture, awareness of risk management benefits, safety improvements, lower claims, and lower risk costs, and better financial outcomes improved and shown. This article examines the influence on the economic growth of financial development using time series data. This research has been conducted using three popular financial development indicators: wide cash, deposit/GDP, and private sector domestic credit. The risk awareness model (RAM) estimate has a favourable and substantial influence on economic development for all financial development indices. Therefore, this article demonstrates that all financial product economic growth indexes utilize a binding test in a profitable and long-term way. Consequently, it is suggested to push ahead with financial reforms to enhance financial sector development, increasing its contribution to economic expansion. The proposed method allows achieving better throughput by performance ratios, accuracy ratios, low error rate, precision ratio, poverty rates, and risk management levels, financial volatility rate.


Finance industry, Risk awareness, Economic growth, Business process, Estimation

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Renyang Wang, Badamasi Sani Mohammed, R. Parthasarathy, "Analysis on Risk Awareness Model and Economic Growth of Finance Industry," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 24, no. 3 , pp. 697-707, May. 2023.

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