D2D Group Key Agreement Scheme for Smart Devices in HANs

Qingru Ma,
Haowen Tan,


The home area network (HAN) is one of the most widely researched areas in recent years. HANs integrate 5G/6G networks and artificial intelligence technology to provide data services for home users. The devices in HANs collect and transmit data relating to users’ daily activities for analysis by remote service providers. These data often contain a large number of users’ personal privacy. The disclosure of these data could have far-reaching consequences for the privacy of the individuals involved. Some researchers are dedicated to investigating the authentication of smart devices by the system. However, the increased frequency of interactions between devices and gateways, as well as between devices themselves, is a defining characteristic of HANs. In this paper, a device-to-gateway (D2G) authentication scheme is proposed. Based on the authentication result, a partial key is generated for smart devices and the gateway. Finally, a device-to-device (D2D) group key agreement scheme is presented. The security and efficiency of the proposed scheme are proved according to the analysis.


D2D authentication, Group key agreement, Home area networks (HANs)

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Qingru Ma, Haowen Tan, "D2D Group Key Agreement Scheme for Smart Devices in HANs," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 24, no. 3 , pp. 659-664, May. 2023.

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