Design of Urban Sculpture Artwork Pattern on Account of Smart Sensor Network from the Artistic Perspective

Yang Yu,


As a combination of the three elements of modern information technology, smart sensor network is a brand-new information collection and management technology. The smart sensor network is composed of a large number of smart sensor nodes with low energy consumption. In order to improve the performance of pattern design, this paper proposes an urban sculpture artwork pattern design framework based on intelligent sensor network. It uses intelligent sensor network technology to build design models and design patterns for urban sculptures. Based on the introduction of intelligent sensor network technology, various computer software and pattern texture calculation methods are used to process the urban sculpture pattern in the design process, and the construction of the urban sculpture pattern model is completed through the construction process of the urban sculpture pattern intelligent sensor network mode. Experimental results show that the average design time of urban sculpture patterns based on smart sensor network technology is 0.42 s, the average resolution is 7200 pixels, and the average dot pitch is 0.27mm. Compared with traditional 3D technology pattern design methods, the design performance of urban sculpture patterns based on intelligent sensor network technology is better, and it meets the design requirements of urban sculpture patterns.


Smart sensor network, Urban sculpture, Pattern design, Art perspective

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Yang Yu, "Design of Urban Sculpture Artwork Pattern on Account of Smart Sensor Network from the Artistic Perspective," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 24, no. 1 , pp. 195-204, Jan. 2023.

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