Challenges Facing E-government Implementation and Adoption in the Era of 5G, 6G

Mosleh Zeebaree,
Musbah Aqel,
Mary Agoyi,


Management- E-government projects are in the early stages in many emerging countries. They are facing several challenges regarding their implementation and adoption in the 5G and 6G environments. This research aims to identify the most prominent challenges facing the e-government project in the 5G and 6G environments, especially in the implementation and adoption phases. At the same time, it contributes to identifying the relationships and gaps through identifying factors that directly affect both the implementation and adoption such as security, privacy, and protection of personal data. In the implementation phase, the institutional theory was adopted as a study model, which was enriched through an analytical study of more than 35 studies. The studies were conducted to identify the most noticeable obstacles hindering the e-government implementation in emerging countries. The challenges were related to organizational, infrastructure, political and social themes. The factors were investigated through a study conducted with officials and influential people in the e-government in the Northern Region of Iraq (case study, ministry of interior). The study findings indicated that the previously mentioned themes pose impact on e-government implementation. Furthermore, the study contributed to identifying new contributions that include capabilities, mentality acceptance, leadership vision, telecommunication, Internet accessibility, employee training, and citizen education. In the adoption phase, UTAUT model was augmented by trusting the system and ethics of the Internet since they were factors used in the study. The results indicated that significant distinctions exist in age differences, level of education, excepting gender, and both effort expectancy and behavioral intention for utilizing e-government services in the 5G and 6G environment. Finally, the study identified a set of factors through which relationships and gaps are identified concerning the implementation and adoption of e-government in the 5G and 6G environments.


E-government adoption, E-government implementation, UTAUT theory, 5G, 6G

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Mosleh Zeebaree, Musbah Aqel, Mary Agoyi, "Challenges Facing E-government Implementation and Adoption in the Era of 5G, 6G," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 24, no. 1 , pp. 173-184, Jan. 2023.

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