Evaluation of IoT Applications for UV Curing Temperature Variation of Gel Nails

Shu-Ting Chen,


When gel nails are UV cured, the reaction heat results in a rise in nail temperature, which causes the user to feel pain. In this study, four layers of single-color gel nails were used to measure and analyze the temperature rise of each layer of gel resin during UV curing. The measurement results show that the temperature variations of the base gel and color gel layers were 1.55°C and 1.56°C, respectively, and the temperatures of the builder and sealer rose higher, with an average of 3.96°C and 3.54°C, respectively. The results show that the temperature rise was related to the thickness of the resin applied by the nail technician and varied from time to time, which could be solved by using Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Using a microprocessor and PC to analyze the temperature rise curve in the cloud is conducive to finding how the resin is cured in real-time and adjusting the intensity and duration of the UV light accordingly to keep the temperature variation within the threshold.


Gel nails, UV curing, Temperature, IoT

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Shu-Ting Chen, "Evaluation of IoT Applications for UV Curing Temperature Variation of Gel Nails," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 24, no. 1 , pp. 163-170, Jan. 2023.

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