IDHUP: Incremental Discovery of High Utility Pattern

Lele Yu,
Wensheng Gan,
Zhixiong Chen,
Yining Liu,


As a sub-problem of pattern discovery, utility-oriented pattern mining has recently emerged as a focus of researchers’ attention and offers broad application prospects. Considering the dynamic characteristics of the input databases, incremental utility mining methods have been proposed, aiming to discover implicit information/ patterns whose importance/utility is not less than a user-specified threshold from incremental databases. However, due to the explosive growth of the search space, most existing methods perform unsatisfactorily under the low utility threshold, so there is still room for improvement in terms of running efficiency and pruning capacity. Motivated by this, we provide an effective and efficient method called IDHUP by designing an indexed partitioned utility list structure and employing four pruning strategies. With the proposed data structure, IDHUP can not only dynamically update the utility values of patterns but also avoid visiting non-occurred patterns. Moreover, to further exclude ineligible patterns and avoid unnecessary exploration, we put forward the remaining utility reducing strategy and three other revised pruning strategies. Experiments on various datasets demonstrated that the designed IDHUP algorithm has the best performance in terms of running time compared to state-of-the-art algorithms.


Pattern discovery, Incremental mining, Utility mining, Dynamic data

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Lele Yu, Wensheng Gan, Zhixiong Chen, Yining Liu, "IDHUP: Incremental Discovery of High Utility Pattern," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 24, no. 1 , pp. 135-147, Jan. 2023.

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