College Students' Service Feedback Based on a Complex Network

Xinyi Wang,
Jinji Fu,
Rui Qi,
Bokai Xu,
Ming Huang,


The ideas of others always influence people because they are social animals. They will evaluate a movie based on the rating level and change their decision based on someone’s advice. It is expected that the comments on the news are reversed suddenly because of a few people, especially in the context of the communication wave set off by the Internet as a new media. It is worth noting that there is a relationship between the deviation of public opinion and the intimacy between people, and confidence and openness also play a role. Recently, there has been renewed interest in dynamic models of research opinions. Our goal is to build a dynamic model of opinion offset based on various influencing factors and then use it to control public opinion more accurately and reduce the loss caused by them. We analyzed existing models and found that few articles considered people’s confidence, openness, and intimacy together. Therefore, we designed new models that considered all the influencing factors. We tested the model with actual data and achieved high accuracy. Finally, we found that opinions would eventually converge to a peak value, and the time needed for convergence was affected by intimacy, openness, and confidence.


Public opinion influence, Opinion deviation, Complex network, The level of openness, The level of confidence

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Xinyi Wang, Jinji Fu, Rui Qi, Bokai Xu, Ming Huang, "College Students' Service Feedback Based on a Complex Network," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 23, no. 6 , pp. 1297-1302, Nov. 2022.

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