Guest Editorial: Special Issue on "Intelligent Methods for Internet of Things"

Hsin-Te Wu,
Hsin-Hung Cho,
Chun-Wei Tsai,
Ming-Chao Chiang,


Several successful applications have witnessed the unlimited possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years. Although most companies are still at the development stage of applying AI technologies to their products, most people know that no one can resist the tendency toward AI technologies. Another promising research topic is the internet of things (IoT). Since the basic idea of IoT is to connect all the things to internet so that all the electronic equipments and appliances can then be controlled by a smart information system. It is also not hard to imagine that modern information systems make it possible for all the equipments and appliances to provide us all the services we need. AI and IoT play the role of providing us applications that we need and are useful today. These two technologies are also referred to as the artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) where AI and IoT can be regarded as the software and hardware parts of such new information systems. This explains why the integration of these two technologies should be discussed, analyzed, and modeled to provide better services to us. As we know, several smart and/or intelligent methods, analytical systems, as well as security and privacy technologies have attracted the attention of researchers from a variety of disciplines. How to develop an efficient or effective method or hardware has become a promising research direction in recent years. The focus of this special issue is on all the latest technologies related to AI, IoT, and relevant technologies for the systems of IoT or AIoT. With the great support from JIT, we finally accepted 5 articles out of 16 submissions. The research focus of the articles in this Special Section can be divided into three categories: (1) image processing, (2) wireless communication, and (3) network security that echo the development of AI today and explain that how to apply AI technologies to real-world applications is a promising research topic -today.



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Hsin-Te Wu, Hsin-Hung Cho, Chun-Wei Tsai, Ming-Chao Chiang, "Guest Editorial: Special Issue on "Intelligent Methods for Internet of Things"," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 23, no. 4 , pp. 873-874, Jul. 2022.

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