Secure Data Deduplication System with Efficient and Reliable Multi-Key Management in Cloud Storage

R. Vignesh,
J. Preethi,


The revolutionary growth in the processing and storage mechanisms over the Internet has given the enhancement to inexpensive and strong computing properties. Cloud computing is a rising technology, which offers the data storage facility also application accessing facility in online environment. This system stands countless opportunities also challenges. In that, security of data and the increasing similar data in cloud (duplication) are very important issues to be addressed. So, Deduplication method is developed to reduce the similar data that is present in the storage system. In this paper, a novel technique is proposed to remove the duplicate data from cloud also help to save the bandwidth access and storage space. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed system provide the more security for data in cloud storage and also overcomes the main drawbacks of the existing systems. In one-server storage and distributed storage systems, we have created a solution which provides data security and space efficacy. The chunk data generates encryption keys consistently; the same chunk is therefore always encrypted with the same chip text. In addition, the keys cannot be derived from the chunk data encrypted. Because the information to be accessed and decrypted by each user is encrypted by using a key known to the user alone, even a complete system breach cannot expose which chunks are utilised by which users.


Cloud storage, Data deduplication, Multi key management, Data security

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R. Vignesh, J. Preethi, "Secure Data Deduplication System with Efficient and Reliable Multi-Key Management in Cloud Storage," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 23, no. 4 , pp. 811-825, Jul. 2022.

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