Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Based on Harris Hawks Optimization

Liyi Zhang,
Zuochen Ren,
Ting Liu,
Jinyan Tang,


Artificial bee colony algorithm, as a kind of bio-like intelligent algorithm, used by various optimization problems because of its few parameters and simple structure. However, there are also shortcomings such as low convergence accuracy, slow convergence speed, and not easy to jump out of the local optimum. Aiming at this shortcoming, this paper proposes an evolutionary algorithm of improved artificial bee colony algorithm based on reverse learning Harris Hawk (HABC). The basic inspiration of HABC comes from the good convergence of Harris Hawk algorithm in the process of finding the best point of the function. First, introduce the Harris Hawks optimization progressive rapid dives stage in the onlooker bee phase to speed up the algorithm convergence; Secondly, Cauchy reverse learning is added in the scout phase to make the algorithm development more promising areas in order to find a better solution; Finally, 13 standard test functions and CEC-C06 2019 benchmark test results are used to test the proposed HABC algorithm and compare with ABC, Markov Chain based artificial bee colony algorithm (MABC), dragonfly algorithm (DA), particle swarm optimization (PSO), learner performance based behavior algorithm (LPB), and fitness dependent optimizer (FDO). Compared with other algorithms, the convergence speed, optimization accuracy and algorithm success rate of the HABC algorithm are relatively excellent.


Artificial bee colony algorithm, Harris hawks optimization, Progressive rapid dives, Cauchy reverse learning

Citation Format:
Liyi Zhang, Zuochen Ren, Ting Liu, Jinyan Tang, "Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Based on Harris Hawks Optimization," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 23, no. 2 , pp. 379-389, Mar. 2022.

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