Amplified Acquisition of Physiological Signal in Human Body Communication

Zhiyuan Liu,
Wei Wei,
Weina Fu,


Human physiological signal communication attracts many researchers today. However, the acquisition accuracy of sensing signal in human body monitoring system is not high enough. In this way, an amplification acquisition method of human physiological sensing signal is studied in this paper. Detailedly, when the physiological sensing signals such as blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature are collected by physiological sensors, the weak signal is amplified by the amplification circuit through both the preamplifier and the reverse amplifier circuits. The current amplified signal is converted to digital signal by the A/D conversion device of micro control unit, and the digital signal is filtered by the embedded discrete FIR algorithm in DSP. Afterwards, the filtered digital signal is displayed on LCD display interface to realize the effective acquisition of human physiological signal. Experimental results show that the acquisition accuracy of this method is more than 99%, and both the networking, connection and acquisition time are all less than 50ms, which fully indicates that the proposed method has a high practical application value.

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Zhiyuan Liu, Wei Wei, Weina Fu, "Amplified Acquisition of Physiological Signal in Human Body Communication," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 22, no. 7 , pp. 1649-1659, Dec. 2021.

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