Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Management Based on Blockchain and Deep Learning

Ping Zhang,
Xuchong Liu,
Wenjun Li,
Xiaofeng Yu,


Pharmaceutical cold chain is a special branch of the logistics industry, which has strict requirements for warehousing and transportation in the supply chain. In order to improve the credibility of pharmaceutical products and ensure the life safety of the people, it is necessary to realize the credible traceability of the entire life cycle of pharmaceutical products. The cost of pharmaceutical cold chain is high. Warehousing and transportation cost per unit of cold chain products is much higher than those of ordinary supply chain products. Intelligent prediction of cold chain product demand is an important way to reduce warehousing and transportation cost and improve market competitiveness of cold chain enterprises. Firstly, this paper proposes a pharmaceutical cold chain supervision scheme based on blockchain, cloud storage and Internet of things to realize the trusted traceability of the whole life cycle of  pharmaceutical products and ensure the product safety. Then, based on the high-quality and large-scale data generated in the proposed cold chain supervision system, a cold chain product demand forecasting scheme based on deep learning is constructed to assist the cold chain inventory management decision-making, so as to reduce the warehousing cost of cold chain products.

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Ping Zhang, Xuchong Liu, Wenjun Li, Xiaofeng Yu, "Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Management Based on Blockchain and Deep Learning," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 22, no. 7 , pp. 1531-1542, Dec. 2021.

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