Guest Editorial: Recent Advances in Specific Applications of Communication, Computer Vision, and Networks

Raveendra K,
He Xiao,
Kang Chia Chao,


Communication, Computer Vision and Networks are the attracting areas to apply the specific applications for enabling the recent technological advancements taking place in present world of technology. Communication especially wireless communication is must for the present days to interact with the globally spreading systems of various types. Computer vision plays its automation related role to make the difficult tasks in a very easiest way and The Networks will acts as an intermediate role to have the fruits of both Communication and Computer vision. All the Technocrats, Researchers and Engineers are applying their specific task based applications and they are making the solutions for global tasks with good efficient systems. Recent developments taken place in the era of communication throughout the globe are very attracting and remarkable. This was made possible due to the achievements and enhancements in new fields like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Deep Learning, 5G and Big data analytics along with the rapid developments in electronics and information technology. With these tremendous happenings in the communication technology will definitely create a platform to fulfil our further dreams to reach our information up to Chandra Mandala also. 

The main purpose of this special issue is to publish selected high standard and worthy papers from the special issue for Journal of Internet Technology, which entitled “Recent Advances in Specific Applications of Communication, Computer Vision, and Networks”, collects five selected articles from the tenth International Conference on Electronics, Communications and Networks (CECNet2020). CECNet2020 has been held successfully online via Microsoft Teams, during October 25-28, 2020. And hence to solve our dreams to come practical solutions and also to face the challenges of the present internet technology Passionate. This special issue will also provide a great media to all the academicians, Industrialists and researchers to share all their views and concepts throughout the enthusiastic technology globalists by selecting the five top class worthy papers entitled as 1.‘Node Similarity Index and Community Identification in Bipartite Networks’ is presented by Dongqi Wang, Mingshuo Nie, Dongming Chen, Li Wan and Xinyu Huang. 2. ‘Location selection strategy of distribution centers based on Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm Improved by Bacterial Colony Chemotaxis’ is brought by Teng Fei, Liyi Zhang, Xiaoqin Zhang, Qi Chen, Jingyi Liang. 3. ‘Psychological Factors in Consumer Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence in Leisure Economy: A Structural Equation Model’, and it is authored by Xuelin Xian. 4. ‘A static gesture recognition method based on improved SURF algorithm and Bayesian regularization BP neural network’ is co-authored by Hongji Xu, Haibo Cao. And 5. ‘Research on Underwater Noise Features Based on Spectrum Analysis and Welch Algorithm’ authored by Hui Zhou, Biyuan Yao, Kun Ye, Guiqing Li, Jin Guo.

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Raveendra K, He Xiao, Kang Chia Chao, "Guest Editorial: Recent Advances in Specific Applications of Communication, Computer Vision, and Networks," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 22, no. 3 , pp. 669-672, May. 2021.

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