A Pragmatic Study on Hybrid-Crypto-Coding Schemes for Secure Data Access

T. J. Jeyaprabha,
G. Sumathi,


Cloud technology is a fast developing computing technology through which resources are shared via the internet. Though it is growing fast, the hurdle to its growth is security. In general, sophisticated encryption algorithms are using the locking key, to prevent unauthorized access of data placed in the cloud. If the unlocking key is placed along with the data in the cloud then attack is very easy. To increase the toughness in accessing the data some additional security mechanism will help to save the data in the cloud. In this paper, a hybrid encryption algorithm with channel coding scheme and additional interleaver is proposed. Computational complexity is analyzed based on time complexity for the proposed algorithm. The hybrid cryptography schemes chosen for analysis are AES-ElGamal, DES-RSA, and TDES-Rabin. These hybrid cryptography schemes along with Turbo coding ensure joint-defense on security and reliability. This work concentrates on applying the Hybrid-Crypto-Coding scheme (HCC) for enhancing security at distributed data storage centers. Simulated outputs show that the proposed system provides better security and reliability when compared to conventional schemes. Among the three hybrid cryptography schemes, the AES-ElGamal pair outperforms the rest.

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T. J. Jeyaprabha, G. Sumathi, "A Pragmatic Study on Hybrid-Crypto-Coding Schemes for Secure Data Access," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 22, no. 2 , pp. 371-384, Mar. 2021.

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