Design and Analysis of PID and Fuzzy Logic Controller for Simulation Performance

Tien-Szu Pan,
Song-Yih Lin,


In this paper fuzzy logic controller (FLC) and proportional integral derivative (PID) controller are compared as for controlling the fixed armature current of direct current (DC) motor. The PID controllers are mostly used in factories for their powerful performance in the operating conditions and simple tuning methods. By using the Ziegler-Nichols method of frequency response to tune control parameters for the high order transfer function of fixed armature current of DC motor. Fuzzy logic has become the most popular and successful technologies for developing a sophisticated control system. FLC using smaller fuzzy control rules is proposed. By using MATLAB/SIMULINK to simulate high order transfer function, the simulation results and performance are analyzed, it shows the effectiveness of the proposed fuzzy logic controller is better than the designed ZN tuned PID controller and fine-tuned PID. To analyze the influence of membership function, three kinds of triangular membership functions and three types of membership functions are proposed to evaluate output responses. It suggests the intersection of boundary for triangular membership function is half. The performance of the triangular type membership function is better than the trapezoidal and Gaussian membership function in this study.

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Tien-Szu Pan, Song-Yih Lin, "Design and Analysis of PID and Fuzzy Logic Controller for Simulation Performance," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 22, no. 1 , pp. 31-39, Jan. 2021.

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