Research on Relay Selection Algorithm for Joint D2D Mode Selection and Resource Allocation

Jianbin Xue,
Yujing Guo,


For the setup considered in this work, D2D communication cannot be performed due to poor channel quality of D2D users, relay-assisted D2D communication technology was successively proposed. This paper proposes a two-stage relay selection algorithm with low computational complexity, joins mode selection and D2D resource allocation, maximizes system throughput while maintaining users communication quality. First of all, considering whether the D2D user needs to relay. Secondly, adjusting the location and residual energy factors of idle users by weighting, selecting the optimal relay node for the user who needs to relay. Finally, the optimal spectrum resource is selected for the two-hop communication link through the first-level sealed quotation auction mechanism. The simulation results show that compared with the algorithm based on region division, the proposed algorithm for maximizing system throughput in this paper, which not only meets the actual requirements, but also can expand the network coverage and improve the system throughput.

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Jianbin Xue, Yujing Guo, "Research on Relay Selection Algorithm for Joint D2D Mode Selection and Resource Allocation," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 21, no. 6 , pp. 1615-1624, Nov. 2020.

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