Post-Quantum Blockchain for a Scalable Smart City

Abir EL Azzaoui,
Jong Hyuk Park,


Smart Cities enclose various industries, sectors, and components. A Smart City application benefits from the data collected using a tremendous number of sensors serving to establish an accurate corporative decision. However, the communication between different components and application of a Smart City exhort security measures as it faces critical security attacks and integrity issues. To medicate this dilemma, researches have used the assistant of Blockchain to secure Smart Cities and improve its decision’s accuracy. Yet, with the recent development of Quantum Computers, Quantum-based algorithms are certainly menacing the security of classical encryption together with Blockchain itself. Thus, threaten the insurance of Blockchain-based application including critical applications such as Smart Cities. In this paper, we demonstrate the Blockchain-based Smart Cities’ framework and we present an understanding overview that encloses the menaces of a Quantum computer on Blockchain and Blockchain-based applications essentially Smart City. We explain as well some Post-Quantum solutions concerning the security of Blockchain-based Smart City.

Citation Format:
Abir EL Azzaoui, Jong Hyuk Park, "Post-Quantum Blockchain for a Scalable Smart City," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 21, no. 4 , pp. 1171-1178, Jul. 2020.

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