Asymmetric Key Blum-Goldwasser Cryptography for Cloud Services Communication Security

R. Senthilkumar,
B. G. Geetha,


Cloud computing is a promising technology that provides different types of services such as data sharing and distribution. The Asymmetric Key Blum–Goldwasser Cryptography (AKBGC) technique is proposed to enhance the communication security of cloud services with minimum overhead. The users transmit requests to a cloud server to get required cloud services. The cloud server provides desired services to users in the cloud with aid of Blum-Goldwasser Cryptography (BGC) to attain higher confidentiality and data security. The AKBGC technique used Probabilistic encryption algorithm of BGC in order to encrypt the user needed cloud data with a public key of the receiver before transmission. This encryption process results in the generation of ciphertext and sent to users in a cloud. At the receiver side, AKBGC technique performs a key authentication process in order to access the original cloud data. The users can reconstruct original data with aid of deterministic decryption process in BGC when public key of both sender and receiver is identical. This helps for AKBGC technique to get higher communication security for cloud service provisioning and performs experimental evaluation using metrics such as data confidentiality, communication overhead, space complexity, and throughput. The result shows that the AKBGC technique is able to increases the data confidentiality and reduce the communication overhead of cloud services.

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R. Senthilkumar, B. G. Geetha, "Asymmetric Key Blum-Goldwasser Cryptography for Cloud Services Communication Security," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 21, no. 4 , pp. 929-939, Jul. 2020.

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