The Demodulating and Encoding Heritage (DEH) Platform for Mobile Digital Culture Heritage (M-DCH)

Chung-Ming Huang,
Yi-An Guo,


This work designed and developed an innovative Mobile Digital Culture Heritage (M-DCH) platform called Demodulating and Encoding Heritage (DEH) to allow users to have the on-site exploring of the culture heritage using handheld devices and wireless mobile networks. Since most of the current M-DCH platforms (i) view a heritage object as a point and (ii) do not have the group-like authoring scenario, main innovations of the DEH platform are twofold. (1) DEH interprets M-DCH’s contents from the viewpoint of Point of Interest (POI), Line of Interest (LOI), Area of Interest (AOI), and Story/Site of Interest (SOI). The authors’ roles of POIs/LOIs/AOIs/SOIs can be classified as player (regular users), expert and narrator. The work defines the logic rules of composing some POIs (POIs, LOIs and/or AOIs) into a LOI/AOI (SOI) according to (i) the author’s role and (ii) the status, which can be (i) public or private and (ii) successfully verified, unsuccessfully verified or un-verified of the corresponding LOI/AOI (SOI). (2) DEH defines a new grouping function that allows the group creator to have the privilege of modifying contents created by group members. Details of the functional specification, system design and usage examples of DEH’s APPs and web are presented.

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Chung-Ming Huang, Yi-An Guo, "The Demodulating and Encoding Heritage (DEH) Platform for Mobile Digital Culture Heritage (M-DCH)," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 21, no. 3 , pp. 765-781, May. 2020.

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