A Novel Method for CCSDS-TC Recognition

Shen Wang,
Fanghui Sun,
Jeng-Shyang Pan,
Hongli Zhang,


The continuing development of space network communication has put forward higher requirements to space data communication. At the same time, the complicated CCSDS (Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems) network protocol hosting relationships has made the protocol recognition work become more and more difficult. In this paper, we introduced a recognition model to distinguish CCSDS-TC based on its data features in data link protocol sublayer together with synchronization and channel coding sublayer. In the process of feature recognition, signification degrees and feature weights are applied to improve the recognition accuracy. From the experiment results we can find that the proposed method can distinguish CCSDS-TC from other protocols significantly.

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Shen Wang, Fanghui Sun, Jeng-Shyang Pan, Hongli Zhang, "A Novel Method for CCSDS-TC Recognition," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 21, no. 2 , pp. 313-322, Mar. 2020.

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