A Progressive Web App for Evaluating Occupation Indicator

Chi-Tsai Yeh,
Tzuo-Ming Chen,
Ming-Chih Chen,


Shortening the education-to-employment gap is an urgent priority for higher education in Taiwan. However, the process is comprehensive. From curriculum analysis, the academic institutions find out industry needs and build basic and core competencies. They assign these competencies to various courses during curriculum planning/development. Eventually, they evaluate the results using competence indicator or curriculum map to determine if the student has met the core competency requirements. For students, how to get the results easily and quickly is what they care about. This study proposes a progressive web app (PWA) emphasizing user experiences to provide students with a convenient way to obtain the results of core competency assessments. This application also suggests taking related courses and obtaining certificates to prevent students from taking irrelevant courses and miss opportunities to improve their employability.

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Chi-Tsai Yeh, Tzuo-Ming Chen, Ming-Chih Chen, "A Progressive Web App for Evaluating Occupation Indicator," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 20, no. 7 , pp. 2217-2223, Dec. 2019.

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